Strawberry, the queen of fruits

Strawberry, the queen of fruits

Strawberry, shaped liked chicken heart, is red in colour, has tender flesh and juicy, sour and sweet to taste, highly nutritious, its beautiful and valuable, regarded by ancient Chinese as the queen of fruits.

Strawberry is rich in vitamins, ten times more than watermelon. It has properties to calm the five visceral organs, nourish the Kidneys and Qi. For the elderly, those with poor constitution, recuperating from illness, work or exercise intensive individuals, strawberries can help to increase the level of immunity.

Traditional Chinese medicine treatise recorded, strawberry is of a cold nature, able to eliminate “wind”, stop coughing and quench thirst, eliminate heat and dispel toxins. It has properties to clear the throat and moisturise the intestines. Those who often have sore or dry throat should eat more strawberries. Chronic dry cough and bronchitis sufferers should also eat more strawberries. It can also help those who pass dry stools.

Strawberries can moisturise the skin, regardless of consumption or external use (apply strawberry puree on the face, neck, back of the hands with massage) all have protective skin property. Frequent consumption can help with eliminating facial pigmentation or elderly pigmentation, or reduce the growth of skin pigmentation.

Those with white skin pigmentation should eat less or avoid eating strawberries.


Dr Ping Wang is the clinic founder and senior practitioner of Ping Ming Health. She has over 30 years of experience in traditional Chinese medicine teaching and practice. Dr Ping especially enjoys sharing her knowledge of Chinese medicine through our popular clinic articles, seminars and clinical training of students and practitioners.